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Stamped Concrete Pool Deck Designs

A patterned or imprinted concrete pool deck is much more appealing than a plain, broom-finished pool deck. With so many options of patterns and colors, designing a pool deck can be an exciting experience. Stamped concrete decks are also more economical than some of the pricier materials they mimic. For these reasons, stamped concrete has become an extremely popular surface.

  • Super-Crete
  • Distinctive Concrete of New England
  • Colorado Hardscapes

Patterns come in a wide range and can mimic brick, slate or flagstone. You can also select specialized patterns with botanical or marine motifs. Pool deck borders can be stamped with the texture of fern fronds or seashells.

You can also select colors to blend with your surrounding landscape or hardscaping elements. Just simply adding an earth-tone color to your pool deck can enhance your entire backyard environment.

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