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Colored Concrete Pool Decks

You can make your pool deck more unique simply by adding color! A colored concrete pool deck can add so much appeal, and can make your deck blend more harmoniously with its surroundings. Used in conjunction with stamped or stenciled concrete, coloring concrete allows you to recreate the natural look of stone or any other material.

Chemical stains, integral color and dry-shake hardeners are the three most common methods for coloring concrete. Your pool deck can be colored with just one of these methods or can be a combination of methods and color hues. Because of the wide range of colors that can be mixed, you can choose a hue that complements your home’s façade or surrounding landscaping.

Color choices can also affect your pool deck surface. Keep in mind that darker colors will absorb heat from the sun and could make your surface uncomfortable for walking barefoot in hot climates. Coloring your deck in a beige or pastel tone can help keep your pool deck surface cooler because of their sun-reflective qualities.

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