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Pool Deck Layout

The location of your pool will play a vital role in how comfortable you are while outside sitting on its deck. Orient your pool deck to take advantage of surrounding views both within your property and outside the pool area. Here are some tips for optimizing your pool deck:

  • While it seems logical to design your pool deck with seating and activities between the house and the pool, this is not always desirable. This places the house at the backs of those enjoying the pool. A view of a striking, architecturally desirable back of a home may be more aesthetically pleasing than looking at a backyard fence or view of a neighbor’s home.

  • If your home faces striking natural views, such as mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, or sunsets, then accentuate that view with the deck orientation. Seating and activity areas should have the home at the back so that they are facing outward towards the view.

  • If your deck is surrounded by unsightly fencing or other unwanted views, consider how you can screen or orient the deck to minimize them. Make sure the unwanted view is placed behind seating and activity areas so that you are facing away from the sights. Consider installing fencing or landscaping to create backdrops that block the unwanted view.

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