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Location and Layout Considerations

Pool Deck Layout

Selecting Size and Shape

Pool Deck Orientation

Functional pool decks are rarely the only part of a fun and useful outdoor area. Often a pool is part of the entire backyard environment which possibly includes an outdoor kitchen, seating and dining area, pond or fountain, spa, fire pit and more. When designing your pool deck, you should think of the pool area as part of the total outdoor package. It’s the basis of the outdoor experience. Since the deck is where a lot of activity will take place, it’s important to provide ample space and to consider areas for mingling, dining, sun bathing and of course, water fun!

Large Properties: On a large lot, there are more options for where to place a pool and deck. Here are a few design ideas for determining placement.

  • One option is to construct the pool away from the house as a separate activity zone. If this is the area of choice, then a larger deck surrounding the pool should be considered.

  • Consider using a freeform design. Natural curves are more appealing in design with the backdrop of landscaping than rigid, geometrical shapes.

  • Choose a concrete surface treatment that complements the natural landscaping. Neutral earth tones work well to blend the surface with the surrounding landscape. You might also consider choosing concrete patterns that mimic natural materials such as stone, flagstone, slate, etc.

Small Properties: More typical residential lots require that the pool be placed closer to the home, if not adjoining the home. Here are a few design ideas for determining placement.

  • Pools located close to a home become part of the home’s architecture and structure. They may require use of more formal, geometric lines, such as a rectangular shaped pool or an oval shape. The pool becomes a silhouette of the home.

  • The pool deck should match or complement the colors and materials of the home’s exterior. Rather than trying to blend the pool deck with the landscaping, the close proximity of the home requires that the pool blend harmoniously with the structure.

  • One way to incorporate landscaping with the pool deck design is to use similar materials in shape, color or texture for garden edging or nearby paths or walkways. Choose a deck color or design scheme that can blend with these materials.